Turtle Island Borneo


Time schedule
0930 am Boats leave Sabah Parks Jetty
1030 am Arrival at Selingaan Island
1230 pm Lunch
0630 pm Exhibition Hall opens
0700 pm Video presentation
0730 pm Dinner

After dinner everybody is waiting until the turtles decide to go ashore. Here people just hang out in the canteen, talking to each other of looking around in the close by area. As the island is small, and you can’t go to the shore, you have seen most of what there is to be seen. So remember that book or a game to kill the time before the program get’s going.

When the turtle is ashore you will go with the rangers to see the egg laying. This is done with respect to the turtles. The rangers will control the situation.

Afterwards you will see the eggs being laid down in the hatchery and at last you will go back to the beach to see the release of the hatchling who have come to the surface on this day.

Next morning program
0630 am Breakfast
0700 am The boats leave back to Sandakan
0800 am Arrival in Sandakan

Take nothing but photos
and leave nothing but footprints…

23 Responses

  • Kristin Kollert says:

    Hi, we would like to stay in the island from the 04.05.2019 to 05.05.2019. Do you have free rooms for two persons and how much cost it? Please send me an answer an the email adresse. Thank you for your informations an we wish you greece Kristin

  • Sachi Harania says:

    Where is the pick up point and drop point of ferry at Sandakan?

  • Elena says:

    How much is this tour?
    2 person, date 23/04/2016

  • Karlijn says:


    Is there an everyday guarantee that we will see turtles?

  • veronique says:


    I do not see in your programs the time we have for snorkeling and watch the turtles in the sea. Also, how much is the complete trip with a night and the boat tickets.

    Thank you


    • Kelvin says:

      Dear Veronique,

      For your information, after having your lunch, the time between around 1300 hrs – 1800 hrs, is your own free leisure time. You may do some beach activities, swimming, snorkeling or sun bathing. After 1800 hrs, you will not be allowed to walk and stay around the beach as it might disturb the turtles coming to lay their eggs. You will only able to witness the green turtles during the night time laying egg process. The possibility to spot green turtles are very low during the snorkeling. For more details, you may email me at kelvin@stwadventure.com or info@stwadventure.com, thank you!

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  • Beata says:

    Hi everyone

    Me and my husband are travelling to Borneo in March 2016. We would like to visit the Turtle Island for one night, but we want to go on our own without any help of travel agent? We are budget tourists. Is it possible to arrive island without a group and book the room in hotel only? If yes – how can we book the room in hotel on island? What are the prices for room, boat’s ticket and entrance to the island. Could anyone help me? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Dear Beata.
      If you are budget travelers I will recommend traveling to Sandakan and do the planning directly from there. I’ve done that myself. But… you have to be aware that the space on the boats to Turtle Island is limited to around 50 pax so you could potentially be unlucky and have to wait for days. If so there is things to do in Sandakan such as Sepilok or even a trip to the jungle before returning to Sandakan to go to Turtle Island.

      Alternatively you could try to contact Crystal Quest (see under Booking) for a reservation. They are the sole operator and also the agents have to go through them. That being said the agents might have available tickets that Crystal Quest don’t have for their disposal.

      You don’t have to book via a group but can go as a couple. A trip to Turtle Island is including boat, room, entrance etc. (see Information).

      I hope this will help you.
      Best regards and have a great trip.

  • barbara paredes says:

    Hélio. I qpuld like to know if it is possible to see turtles at this time of the year, we are going there next week. Thank you

  • Mitali says:

    I am planning to visist the turtle island on 24or 25th september 2015 for 2 person. Is the booking available? Is yes, How much price would it cost per person? What are the facilities that would be provided in the booking? Please help.

  • Timon Halbach says:

    Dear Madam or Sir,

    I am a backpacker and will travel alone through Borneo this summer. Ist there a place available (July 25-26)? How much is it considering I am traveling alone?

    Best regards
    Timon H.

  • Megha says:


    I would like to know are there any snorkeling activities that we can do in the day time on the island? We would need a guide to help us as well. I understand that there is a lot of free time available during the day, and we would like to indulge in snorkelling in the corals if possible.

  • kevin says:

    Hi there
    Is there a best month of the year to see baby turtles hatch in the sand and go into the sea?

  • admin says:

    Hi Niki.
    Thank you for your reply. You have to contact one of the mails seen under booking: http://turtleislandborneo.com/booking/.

    Wish you the best.

  • Nicola Cothliff says:

    I would like to book 2 places for the turtle island experience on the 6th August if there is any availability?

    Many thanks

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