Turtle Island Borneo


Time schedule
0930 am Boats leave Sabah Parks Jetty
1030 am Arrival at Selingaan Island
1230 pm Lunch
0630 pm Exhibition Hall opens
0700 pm Video presentation
0730 pm Dinner

After dinner everybody is waiting until the turtles decide to go ashore. Here people just hang out in the canteen, talking to each other of looking around in the close by area. As the island is small, and you can’t go to the shore, you have seen most of what there is to be seen. So remember that book or a game to kill the time before the program get’s going.

When the turtle is ashore you will go with the rangers to see the egg laying. This is done with respect to the turtles. The rangers will control the situation.

Afterwards you will see the eggs being laid down in the hatchery and at last you will go back to the beach to see the release of the hatchling who have come to the surface on this day.

Next morning program
0630 am Breakfast
0700 am The boats leave back to Sandakan
0800 am Arrival in Sandakan

Take nothing but photos
and leave nothing but footprints…

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