Turtle Island Borneo

Welcome to Turtle Island

…the most fantastic experience and a privilege to only a few people. At Turtle Island you will get an unique experience and at the same time you will tribute to one of the worlds most important conservation programs for sea turtle.

The Turtle Islands Park in the Sulu Sea just north of Borneo is all about rescuing the endangered turtles in the area. Turtles threatened by the influence of the human being.

Only due to the great work of full time employed rangers from Turtle Island is there a chance of seeing these fantastic creatures in the future.

And the best part is by giving them a visit you contributes to the program and thereby to the saving of both the green and the hawksbill turtles.

A trip to Turtle Island Borneo will give you an insight to the wonderful world of sea turtles. Not only will you see the magic of the turtle laying eggs but you will also experience the hatchlings being send to the sea on their first journey ever. This beautiful little island is not just a adventure in the nature but will also be a small relaxing journey that you will never forget.

Take nothing but photos
and leave nothing but footprints…

4 Responses

  • Rene van Berkel says:

    Oke, super nature in glorie, nice cabi’s, nice staf. I hope you can keep this like now. There is one thing, people who uses a flah with the camera in the night while making foto of litle turtle and eggs, you haveta make a penalty beceause they don’t listenand won’t listen.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rene.
      I couldn’t agree more. That is also why it is posted on all the pages on this website. Visitors have to respect the nature and for once experience the adventure instead of getting a picture for later use. If you are sincerely present at the moment you will carry the perfect image and memory with you for ever.
      Best regards and thank you for the comment.

  • Rose says:

    macam mana nak booking p pulau selingan pada 27-28 august 2013 untuk 2 orang?.

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